The snow is gone and it’s 70 degrees and sunny today. I’m glad we had a good winter storm…now I’m ready to move right into spring.

Things have been nutso this year so far. Hopefully they’ll be less crazy as the year moves on. I want to get further ahead into the story with William and get back to doing 2 to 3 pages a week. I’m trying to get a 2nd page up for this week anyway.

I’m also starting to get things sorted out for convention this year. I always do Heroescon, that’s a given. And it looks like I may be going to London in the summer for Roll Out Roll Call. That’s pretty exciting for me since I’ve never been outside the USA. I’m also looking into Botcon in April and hopefully NYCC will give me a table this year too.

Okay, back to working on GI Joe. Speaking of which I finally got the chance to do a cover for Real American Hero #228. Be on the lookout for that!

Now it’s literally back to the drawing board.