Well, I think I’ve finally got the website transfer stuff worked out. For the casual reader the only noticeable difference will be that if you were visiting the site via brian-shearer.com/williamthelast now you have to go right to williamthelast.com. The other link now leads to a page on my blog directing you there. The RSS feed is probably screwed up too, so check that if you’ve subscribed. It’s now williamthelast.com/feed.

Next week is SDCC and I’ll be heading out for the week. I plan on having next weeks page up on Monday as usual though. If I can’t get the post convention page done before I leave there will be a delay the following week. Summertime…am I right?

Heroescon was good. Had a great time chatting with folks. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Okay, off to wrap up some Transformers inks. Lots to do before the trip.