Doing a personal side-project, like a webcomic, means that you have to figure out spaces and times to work on it where you can. I’m fortunate enough to be working in comics as a living, but I still have to make time for my own comic projects. For example, every other night my wife and I switch the sit-in-the-rocking-chair-while-my-son-refuses-to lay-down-and-sleep duties. Since that’s some space carved out already where I’m sitting down for at least 45 minutes (really, my son needs to be more tired at night) it’s a perfect opportunity to do thumbnails on the iPad.


Then, with that done, I printed this out in very light blue and went over it with a soft 3B pencil while sitting in the den with my wife (my son FINALLY asleep.) Since I ink myself I can be loose, which let me watch enough of Sleepy Hollow to know that I’m done with the show. Seriously, what’s up with that show? It’s all over the place.


When it comes to inking I really have to sit down at the drawing table to do it well. So in between Transformer pages I would ink these as a break. Which may sound like working as a break from work, but the styles are so different it really does give my mind a rest to switch back and forth.


All this to say, if you’re waiting for the perfect conditions to do your project you’ll never do it.Ā  Look for the times that already exist in your day. They add up.