Seriously, they were eating dinner for 2 months. Well, 2 months reader-time. The scene really doesn’t last that long, but that’s the reality of one-page-a-week stories–something I’d like to remedy. I know, I keep saying that. But I have actually drawn the remainder of this chapter and started working on the 3rd. I’m just a little gun shy about going to two pages a week.

I see a lot of artists doing the Patreon thing, going to more pages a week once they reach a certain goal, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I haven’t thought it through enough, but I do know that as unsuccessful as I have been at promoting on the obligatory social networks that my optimism of it working for me are at a nadir.  Promoting would be easier if this were a gag-a-week strip. Oh well.

On another subject, here’s a possible cover and/or promotional piece for WtL that I may make into a print. Not sure how much demand there would be for that. I posed the question on Twitter and got zero response. (see above)

wtl_promocover1Anyway, I hope that all doesn’t come off a whiny. I do have a loyal base of readers and I’m grateful that you guys keep coming back week after week. Some of you have mentioned Top Web Comics as a way to vote and promote the comic, so if you’re so inclined, please vote!

That’s all for now, my son is yelling at me from the bathtub and I have to go rinse the shampoo out of his hair.