Next month I’ll WtL will hit its one year anniversary. Time has flown. (Well, not for William. I guess it’s been a grand total of 2 hours that has passed so far.)

I hope to speed up my production time in the next few weeks with the Cintiq. Coloring has gone a little faster the last couple pages. Although I’ve noticed with the HD monitor the overall colors have changed a bit. Not sure what I’m under/over compensating for with the new resolution, but I’ll work it out eventually.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get William into print sometime. Someday. But before then I need to build up my readership (that’s you!) and I’m notoriously bad at promoting things successfully. Well maybe not notoriously, as that would imply at least some notoriety. So I guess I’m obscurely bad at it. Either way, there’s a lot of stuff competing for your attention and I’m glad you guys keep coming back.